Since past centuries, great scientists such as Avicenna, Zakariyā Rāzī, Aboureihan Biruni and many others up to the present have emphasized on the food and medial properties of Saffron in the scientific and research prestigious centers of the world. Using Saffron as a food condiment or herbal tea will lead to a better absorption of its effective compounds in the body and consequently receiving useful elements such as calorie, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, iron, phosphor, calcium, sodium and potassium.


Some of the treatment features and properties of Saffron are as follows:

  1. 1. Helping with the natural digestion of food
  2. 2. Reinforcing the stomach and acting as an anti-tympanites
  3. 3. Bringing happiness, curing nerve diseases and acting as a tranquilizer
  4. 4. Reinforcing the memory
  5. 5. It is an anticonvulsants , anti-depression and anti- Alzheimer
  6. 6. Stimulating and reinforcing of sexual desires
  7. 7. Curing breath diseases such as asthma and coughing
  8. 8. Treating blood pressure , reducing cholesterol
  9. 9. Curing Anemia resulting from shortage of iron in girls
  10. 10. Treating muscle cramp and Rheumatism in form of external use

Authorized rate of consumption:

Consumption of about one gram in a day is suitable for an adult person. As for pregnant women, it is better to be consumed in accordance with the physician’s prescription or advice.

Proper methods of maintaining

Saffron should be maintained in glass containers and in dry and cold place far from direct sun shine.